“I’m Running in Style, Baby!” – NYC Marathon 2009

November 20th, 2009 Posted by Photo Journey 1 comment

The NYC Halloween Parade ended barely 12 hours before the start of the race. Maybe, it wasn’t enough time for some runners to get out of their costumes. And some runners probably had planned to run in these unique attires. One guy actually run with a ‘duck’, maybe it was for a cause…. (hopefully!)

I chuckled at some ‘slogans’ on T-shirts, we have ‘Fat Bloke’, ‘Guys of a certain age group’, ‘Now I can die in piece’, etc. One of my favorites was a couple, she wore ‘Just married’ and he wore ‘Game Over’. Definitely a fun way to run the Marathon and probably not the best way to spend the honeymoon!

Check out the Gorilla, ‘Muscle Man’ and ‘Flora runner’ below. Pink tutus seemed to be in trend for both sexes. You will not miss the big hairdo in the French runner and the subtle style in the ‘matchy’ runner, matching his boxer with his running shoes. I also caught the ‘flag guy’ the second time with bigger and better outfit and accessories this year! (I posted his 2008 picture next to his 2009.)

Do also check out last year’s Special Mention, the Mankini Runner. I was actually looking out for him this time but I did not catch him. Perhaps the weather was too cold for his debute this year.

And you have to admit that you are not running in real style without your ardent supporters! There was a little girl in pink who would not miss raising her thumb and cheering loudly to each runner, “Good job!”  Maybe that’s why I got so many ‘happy runners’ shots.

And behind me was a ‘hairy’ guy with the ‘water to wine’ sign. And we saw Larry’s granddaughters running with him (note Larry’s T-shirt) and a young boy frantically running out from the walkway to hug his dad when he saw him running by…Great marathon moments…

Part 4 of the NYC Marathon 5-part series, check back for more pictures.

Where: Queens, New York City

When: Nov 1, 2009


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