Minding Your Own Business? Open Source Investing

November 1st, 2009 Posted by Stocks No Comment yet

There seems to be a lot of information on the web. But there’s always a catch. I am very proud of the ‘open source’ community when it comes to Internet Technology where multifaceted experts around the world share information and contribute to some mission perhaps much bigger then they alone can tackle.  Open source is an area where developers exchange and build on each other experiences.

It is the alternative to proprietary and much guarded information secret from the likes of corporate giants. I really do think our advancements in IT will come more from the open source community rather than corporation giants.

My interest is in investing, where everything is a guarded secret. I often come across interesting and relevant information only to realize shortly afterward that it was just some teaser from some research house trying to get me to buy something.  I’m not an animal but often felt as if I’m being lured into a big trap. Frustrating!  I can understand that people need to make money.  It still doesn’t make me feel any better about the tactics used on me.

I learnt about IT from reading works done from the open source community.  I thought about it with regards to investing in stocks.  How can I connect the dots? I do want to give back to the community that has helped me much.  I can’t help them in the IT aspects but I can definitely share what I do in investing in stocks.

Similar to the advancement in IT, I do hope that with relevant and meaningful information on stocks that an investing community would one day break the chain of dependency. We as a society, currently hold truth with regards to so call finance experts.  Much work has been done by the corporate giants of finance in the last seventy plus years to brain washed the general investing public in believing that we are not competent enough or somehow not smart enough to invest our own money in the stock market.  Let’s change that.

I don’t know of anyone who would take better care of my own money than me.  It is much clearer if you come from a perspective that is real – most fund managers only care about their own job.  They are not there to help you make money.  They are only there to try to keep their jobs and avoid being fired.  So, for the vast majority of the time, fund managers work on reducing their risk and not your risk.

My good friend said it best; he said if you want to get ahead in today’s corporate giants, “Do nothing”.  The more you ‘do’ the more chances you’ll make mistakes.  The more mistakes you made, the more likely you will be fired. There is one thing that I can’t deny is that today’s finance experts are very smart.  The smarter they are, the more they are inclined to do nothing.  My advice, mind your own business because no one else would.


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