How to Avoid the Nightmare of Shopping for a Web Hosting Company?

Farting Camel is weighing in to do our part and fight, at the very least help spread the word on unscrupulous or dishonest people and the business they push.

Today there are many people claiming to make a fortune on the Internet, some of those made their money the old fashion way by hard work and honest dealings.  Others view the Internet as the untamed ‘Wild Wild West’ and they are out to get their fortunes and most of us ignorantly play their victim.  We at Farting Camel, reluctantly became the unknowing victim just last week.

A few months ago, we purchased a plan from a hosting company to publish this website.  The hosting company decided to sell their business to another start-up and in the process of moving our data from one server to another, completely disrupted our website.

We contacted them and they said nothing.  We thought, the worst, that the website was under attack and initiated CPR on the site and successfully killing the patient (the website).  Farting Camel was down for a few days. The hosting company replied to us a day later as if nothing had happened.  On inquiry, they started to scold us for complaining.

We later found out that this is how the scam works.  Start a company, get customer’s money, sell the company, take the proceeds, and start the process all over again. Their purpose is to fish for customers and sell them wholesale, totally ignoring the welfare of the customers. What for? Since they are going to sell them anyway.

What happens to the customers?  Angry as hell but we eventually moved on, perhaps unknowingly buying from the same hosting company under a different name, again and again. And if this scam model works with just one company, it just might work with even more companies.  Today, this scam is rampant and the Internet world, in this area, is dangerous for consumers.

Realizing we had an old backup copy of the website, we were on the move to purchase another hosting plan from yet another company. This time we thought we were smarter – we checked the reviews before committing.  The new hosting company, X, provided us with a plan that look fantastic but after we signup our site was so slow that reminded us of the old Internet dialup service we had years ago, it was excruciating.

We tried to rationalize the fact that numerous reviews of the hosting company were fantastic. What was the problem?  It turns out, of the thousands of review sites; none (perhaps one that we were not fortunate enough to visit) were nothing more than bears den where you enter at your own risk.  In other words, the review sites are meant to lure you in. The hosting company that pays the review sites the most gets the top ratings. It’s purely advertisement. And some hosting review sites are just plain affiliates of the hosting companies they ‘recommend’ with raving write-ups.

So your writers at Farting Camel decided that after two long days of struggle with X was enough, we decided to let them have the extra arm that we didn’t need and made a run for our lives – sparing our readers the 17 second (translation: eternity) loading time.  Licking our wounds we thought about putting these embarrassments behind us. That is so unlike us, we thought we were smart shoppers.

There are people out there being lure to these same traps every minute! Farting Camel decides to come up with a new system of evaluating hosting companies.  After a five-day struggle we made major progress coming up with a break through formula.  We are keeping it a secret so that the bad guys don’t know we are on to them. And once they know, there goes the secret weapons to differentiate or expose them.

On the other hand, we can’t just let you, our reader go passing us without giving you a shout out, “Beware!”  So, we came up with this nice little plan: we will give you our three top picks so that you will have a base to start your search.  Make sure you find similarities in our choices before you continue on your journey, failing which; you could easily land yourself in a hungry bears den.

Note 1: We choose to remain objective and impartial. Hence, we do not make any money from our recommendations. We are not on any affiliate programs with any of these hosting companies. Farting Camel is an ad free blog.

Note 2: As of Nov 11, 2009 our current web hosting company benchmarks are: eboundhost & bluehost.  We will update this on a constant basis.  Please check back for the latest.


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Nov 11, 2009 our current web hosting company benchmarks are: eboundhost & bluehost