Favorite Moments in NYC Marathon 2009 – running

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If you participated in marathons before, what were you thinking when you were running? I saw a runner said on TV that he thought about important things in his life. A runner friend of mine told me that running long distance is almost meditative to her. She does not think about anything.

What were you running thoughts? Share with us here.

I dedicated these favorite moments below (3 pages) to all of you Marathon Runners out there! See you next year, no sweat.

Last Part of the NYC Marathon 5-part series.

Where: Queens, New York City

When: Nov 1, 2009


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“I’m Running in Style, Baby!” – NYC Marathon 2009

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The NYC Halloween Parade ended barely 12 hours before the start of the race. Maybe, it wasn’t enough time for some runners to get out of their costumes. And some runners probably had planned to run in these unique attires. One guy actually run with a ‘duck’, maybe it was for a cause…. (hopefully!)

I chuckled at some ‘slogans’ on T-shirts, we have ‘Fat Bloke’, ‘Guys of a certain age group’, ‘Now I can die in piece’, etc. One of my favorites was a couple, she wore ‘Just married’ and he wore ‘Game Over’. Definitely a fun way to run the Marathon and probably not the best way to spend the honeymoon!

Check out the Gorilla, ‘Muscle Man’ and ‘Flora runner’ below. Pink tutus seemed to be in trend for both sexes. You will not miss the big hairdo in the French runner and the subtle style in the ‘matchy’ runner, matching his boxer with his running shoes. I also caught the ‘flag guy’ the second time with bigger and better outfit and accessories this year! (I posted his 2008 picture next to his 2009.)

Do also check out last year’s Special Mention, the Mankini Runner. I was actually looking out for him this time but I did not catch him. Perhaps the weather was too cold for his debute this year.

And you have to admit that you are not running in real style without your ardent supporters! There was a little girl in pink who would not miss raising her thumb and cheering loudly to each runner, “Good job!”  Maybe that’s why I got so many ‘happy runners’ shots.

And behind me was a ‘hairy’ guy with the ‘water to wine’ sign. And we saw Larry’s granddaughters running with him (note Larry’s T-shirt) and a young boy frantically running out from the walkway to hug his dad when he saw him running by…Great marathon moments…

Part 4 of the NYC Marathon 5-part series, check back for more pictures.

Where: Queens, New York City

When: Nov 1, 2009


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Determination and Pain ~ NYC Running Marathon 2009

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Running Marathon

If the urge of running a marathon gets too strong for you after viewing the ‘Happy Runners‘ pictures in the previous post, you might want to check out these pictures. Running a Marathon is more than grueling for most people…it takes tons of determination. Me? Thank you for your suggestion, I’m happy being a photographer on the sidewalk.  But I did garner enough inspirations to kick-start my yoga lessons!

The Determination

The Pain

Part 3 of the NYC Marathon 5-part series, check back for more pictures.

Where: Queens, New York City

When: Nov 1, 2009


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“Running a Marathon is Sheer Joy!” ~ NYC Marathon 2009

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The NYC Marathon has always been one of my favorite photo opportunities. The indescribable joy, unspoken agony, exhibited camaraderie and displayed human determination all rolled in one event!

I had some fun this year and came out with my own special marathon categories. Comment on your own favorites among these categories:

(1) “Running a Marathon is Sheer Joy!”
(2) “I’m So Determined!”
(3) “I’m Running in Style, Baby!”
(4) Other Favorites Moments

I was snapping away along the sidewalk and I guess I got the attention of the runners. They started to look into my camera and smile! Experience the sheer joy of these runners in the pictures below! (Warning: Viewing these pictures might aspire you to run a Marathon.)

Part 2 of the NYC Marathon 5-part series, check back for more pictures.

Where: Queens, New York City

When: Nov 1, 2009


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Major Upgrade is Done!

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Finally we got our hands around the beastly ‘website upgrades’. The task took a lot of time away from our writings. We now shift our focus on adding more posts. There are many additions to the family of pages, we have added a section on ‘Democatalyst‘, a section on ‘Karmic Report‘, yet another on ‘Web Hosting‘, still another on ‘Our Village‘.

Personally, the project looks bigger than in truth. After all we need something during the break from our day job – job hunting continues.

The Unexpected Runners ~ NYC Marathon 2009|

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The 5 Things that Amazed me about NYC Marathon:

1. Is This Hallo-thon?

The ‘costumes’ wore by some runners. It seemed like they went straight from an overnight Halloween party to run 26.2 miles. Nonetheless, admirable! (Click here for more photos of creative runners!)


2. You Beat My Time? No Way!

How some seemingly unfit looking’ runners beat fit looking runners. Maybe just by sheer will and determination! Way to go! Click here for more pictures.


3. Honey, I Just Ran A Marathon!

I’m simply amazed at people’s ability to finish a marathon. It’s not a walk in the park but a daunting 26.2 miles!  That might just be the total distance some people walk in a year!

And I’m not referring to athletes but normal people, you know, like your co-worker, neighbors, friends etc. A lot of them ran for causes that are dear and close to their hearts. With the cause printed on their T-shirts, step by step and with strong camaraderie, they finished the race! I saw a few groups holding strings while they ran. Talking about team work!


And then there were people who didn’t even exercise regularly and then one day, for some personal reasons, decided to put ‘running a marathon’ as one of their ‘things-to-do-before-I-die’ list.


Regardless of your reasons, if you were running today, I salute you!


4. Is This A Good Angle?

Things that people do while running a marathon. Talking on the phone, filming on video cams, chatting with fellow runners…


5. Unexpected Runners…

This year, we saw Mary, who looked at least 70 years old, jogging very slowly and looking very frail but determined to finish the race. She has a sign that said, ‘Running for the Taylor Haugen Foundation.’ We saw her around the 14 miles mark, but we do not know if she finished the race.  I cannot help but put my camera aside and cheered, “Go, Mary, go!”


And just before we left, we caught a truly inspiration moment. We saw a runner with a single prosthetic leg and two crutches. Step by step, he inched himself nearer to the finishing line, with a crowd of supporters walking next to him. People clapping and cheering him on the sidewalk…it was one of the goose bumps moments for me.

After some research, I found out that he is John Tartoglio Jr., 22 years old. He started the race at 6 am and finished it at 10pm, with a time of around 16 hours. Amazing! He is the first amputee missing his thighbones to ever complete the NYC Marathon.  John, you are truly inspirational! Read more about John here.


Part 1 of the NYC Marathon 5-part series, check back for more pictures.

Where: Queens, New York City

When: Nov 1, 2009


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Yankees Ticker Tape Parade along Canyon of Heros!

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Ticker Tape Parade

New Yorkers know how to organize a ticker tape parade! I was at the corner of Battery Place and Washington St and could barely get a standing spot at the barricade. Finally, I saw a spot available and quickly ran towards it.

Within seconds, I realized why it was available, it was right in front of a sewage vent and it sticks real bad! A lady walked past it and said, “someone just farted’”and I just looked at her and smiled. She must think that it’s me. I clinged on to the spot anyway, bearing the motto in mind, ‘This too will pass…’

There was so much to see to be bothered by the stench. Groups of marching bands getting ready, Irish pipes group practicing, Giant Yankee T-shirt balloon being set up, policemen controlling the crowd (with unusually huge smiles), the excitement was contagious!

I waited for another 45 minutes. The stench actually went away (or I got used to it). The parade has not started. Some ‘pre-confetti’ were being thrown from the buildings nearby,  shredded paper, bathroom paper and whatever paper-like items . I have no idea flying bathroom paper can conjure so much joy in me!

The parade started and everyone went crazy. I read that some people lined up along Broadway as early as 5 am! I have not seen so much paper falling from the ‘sky’ in my life before, it felt almost like snowing, what a sight to remember!

The cleaning up process was a sight to behold as well. Blowers, oversized brooms, tractors were standing by and within hours, the streets were spotless. I’m actually more amazed by the clean up than the mess up. (See the pictures below for the ‘happy’ mess created)

According to officials, the parade cost more than $300,000. Apparently, the city only funded less than 10% and the rest came from donations. More than a million fans lined the route of the parade. Seems like a big sum of money for a parade in this economic climate, but this breaks down to just 30 cents per person.

Do you think it’s worth it? Perhaps it was. It has been a long time since I saw so many happy people in Financial District. (Beside those-you-know who are reaping in record breaking bonus again…)


Where: Financial district, New York City

When: 10:15 am to 1:50 pm, Nov 6, 2009


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Buzz before the Yankees Parade!

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Car honking, people cheering, Scottish pipes playing…

Thousands of people flocked to lower Manhattan for the Yankees Ticker Tape Parade; Yankees Parade. We noticed the bustling before 8 am in the morning!

New York City is hosting the parade and ceremony in honor of the World Series champion New York Yankees. The last ticker tape parade was on Feb 5, 2008 when Giants won the Super Bowl.

The parade will start on Broadway at Battery Place at 11 am up the Canyon of Heros (Broadway) to City Hall. Yankees fans had waited nine years since the team’s previous World Series title!

It’s just 45 mins before the Parade. I grabbed my camera and ran downstairs…the city is buzzing! Check back for more pictures!

Where: Financial District, Broadway and Battery Place, New York City

When: 10:15 am, Nov 6, 2009 (original post date is Nov 6, reposted on Nov 11)


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Migrating WPMU To Subdirectory

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6 Steps to Move WPMU with Domain Mapping from Root Folder to Subdirector!

I really do appreciate the WordPress Community.  Recently I had a lot of difficulties with the technical aspects of working with WordPress MU.  I wanted to move all of the files from the root folder into a subdirectory.  In the process I had a lot of help.  I’m usually the silent reader – seldom do I post a comment. I’m like a sponge: soaking up all the information. Today, I like to contribute by sharing my tip bits here because I couldn’t find the information on the Internet that will perfectly solve my problem.

This is simple:

1) Create your subdirectory (example: /public_html/subdirectory/)

2) Move all of your WordPress MU files into the subdirectory.

3) Create a file in the root (/public_html/) and name it .htaccess

4) Go to the bottom and copy the code below and paste it into your .htaccess file (located in root (/public_html/).  Be careful to paste the code in the empty .htaccess file because there are many .htaccess files.

5) If you are using domain mapping you will usually have the domain parked, so go to your cpanel and delete the domains you parked (pointing to the root /public_html/).

6) Now, this is the secret that took me 4 days to figure out with the help of my hosting company.  They did a fantastic job.  Go to your cpanel and instead of parking the domains, create it as an add-on domain pointing to the subdirectory you had created above. If you are unable to do for any reason contact your hosting company and they can manually place an add-on for the domain.

Code Below:

# Turn on rewrites.

RewriteEngine on

# Only apply to URLs on this domain

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?yourdomain.com$

# Only apply to URLs that aren’t already under folder.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/your subdirectory path/

# Don’t apply to URLs that go to existing files or folders.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

# Rewrite all those to insert /folder.

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /your subdirectory path/$1

# Also redirect the root folder.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?yourdomain.com$

RewriteRule ^(/)?$ /your subdirectory path/index.php[L]

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Minding Your Own Business? Open Source Investing

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There seems to be a lot of information on the web. But there’s always a catch. I am very proud of the ‘open source’ community when it comes to Internet Technology where multifaceted experts around the world share information and contribute to some mission perhaps much bigger then they alone can tackle.  Open source is an area where developers exchange and build on each other experiences.

It is the alternative to proprietary and much guarded information secret from the likes of corporate giants. I really do think our advancements in IT will come more from the open source community rather than corporation giants.

My interest is in investing, where everything is a guarded secret. I often come across interesting and relevant information only to realize shortly afterward that it was just some teaser from some research house trying to get me to buy something.  I’m not an animal but often felt as if I’m being lured into a big trap. Frustrating!  I can understand that people need to make money.  It still doesn’t make me feel any better about the tactics used on me.

I learnt about IT from reading works done from the open source community.  I thought about it with regards to investing in stocks.  How can I connect the dots? I do want to give back to the community that has helped me much.  I can’t help them in the IT aspects but I can definitely share what I do in investing in stocks.

Similar to the advancement in IT, I do hope that with relevant and meaningful information on stocks that an investing community would one day break the chain of dependency. We as a society, currently hold truth with regards to so call finance experts.  Much work has been done by the corporate giants of finance in the last seventy plus years to brain washed the general investing public in believing that we are not competent enough or somehow not smart enough to invest our own money in the stock market.  Let’s change that.

I don’t know of anyone who would take better care of my own money than me.  It is much clearer if you come from a perspective that is real – most fund managers only care about their own job.  They are not there to help you make money.  They are only there to try to keep their jobs and avoid being fired.  So, for the vast majority of the time, fund managers work on reducing their risk and not your risk.

My good friend said it best; he said if you want to get ahead in today’s corporate giants, “Do nothing”.  The more you ‘do’ the more chances you’ll make mistakes.  The more mistakes you made, the more likely you will be fired. There is one thing that I can’t deny is that today’s finance experts are very smart.  The smarter they are, the more they are inclined to do nothing.  My advice, mind your own business because no one else would.


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Ireland in New York City – Irish Famine

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An authentic 19th century Irish roofless cottage sits on a modern, angular structure located on one of the most expensive real estate in New York City. Majestic yet quaint. Quiet yet hectic. Tragic yet inspiring.

It is a garden jutting out from the earth at an angle, or in my mind, a giant skateboard tilted 45 degrees from the ground. I walked past it so many times and I have no idea it was a memorial! It could easily pass off as a wonderful park.

I walked into the ultra modern tunnel-like walkway, which I liken it to an entrance of a modern art museum. And then the landscaping hit me…

If I blocked out the high-rise buildings around me, I could make believe that I was in an Irish countryside. The landscaping is incredible. The designer, landscaper and architect did an amazing job of relocating a real piece of Ireland into New York City.

This memorial is a monument to the Great Irish Famine (1845 to 1850). On formal records, over a million people perished. About 800,000 survived by escaping to New York City which explained the strong foothold of Irish culture and heritage in the city.

Some sources called the ‘Great Irish Famine’ a cover up to the ‘Irish Holocaust’ whereby over five million Irish were murdered. They described it as genocide, mass murder and even ethnic cleansing.

Over two miles of writings based on poems, quotations and statistics related to the famine wrapped around the entrance and exterior of the memorial.  Irish music and recordings of personal memoirs playing in the background pulled me back further into history.  One can close one’s eyes and be lost in time.

Where: Irish Hunger Memorial (2002), corner of Vesey St and North End Ave, Battery Park City, New York City

Who: Designer, Brian Tolle. Landscape Designer, Gail Wittwer-Laird. Architect, 1100 Architect.

Why: Monument of the Great Irish Famine to highlight hunger in the world.


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PS: This post was originally posted on Oct 28, 2009. It has to be reposted as the database was reset.

Love is in the Air in Manhattan – Paired Pigeons Mate

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Paired Pigeons Mate

Minutes after I left the two lovebirds, Shia Labeuof and Carey Mulligan, at the Irish Hunger Memorial, I saw another two real lovebirds right in front of me. They were preening each other and then….French kissed! No kidding, see pictures below!

This is the first time I have ever seen Pigeons kissed, let along French kissing. What’s going on? First, it was Labeouf and Mulligan holding hands minutes earlier, and now the Pigeons are French kissing…Is Love in the air in Manhattan?

If there is a season for Love, Fall must be it.

Where: Battery Park City, New York City

When: 11:19 am on Oct 23, 2009        (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

(For Pigeons, the ‘French kiss’ is called billing, which is ‘often a prelude to mating…Once paired, pigeons may mate for life.’ Smithsonian National Zoological Park Website)

So apparently, ‘once paired, Pigeons may mate for life’. Is this a good omen for Labeuof and Mulligan?


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Farting Camel’s Guide to Stock Picking – Investment

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Investing Principles and Methods Series (IPMS)

This is perhaps the biggest part and the most important element in this series – the outline or format which will keep me in line as I present my work to you in a more practical aspect of stocks investment.

I have thought about this process more than you care to know.  This represents the administrative part of the series in which I’m laying out the rules.

I have isolated the list of important requirements that will let me evaluate and determine the merits of US public companies for my investment purposes.  I have decided on a new grading method isolating key areas in the target company that allows me to quickly determine an investment merit from a glance.

The four key areas in determining an investment merit in stocks are:

1)     Ethical Issues
2)     Owner’s Reward
3)     Debt Management
4)     Value Investment

My analysis will follow an overall pass or fail grading system.  The final assessment of a ‘pass’ grade will only be rewarded to companies which pass all five key areas under scrutiny.  A company not meeting these stringent criteria will fail the grading process.

What does a pass or fail grade mean to me?  This list of companies with a pass grade will be shortlisted for investment consideration, and may ultimately be placed in my investment portfolio.

I will track and present the investment results for you to view at your convenience under the sub-category ‘Portfolio’ within the main ‘Stocks’ page.  The goal is to present at least one company per week.


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Celebrities Sighting in Lower Manhattan – Labeouf Mulligan

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Labeouf Mulligan

I was taking my own sweet time adjusting my camera, hoping to get a good shot of the entrance of the Irish Hunger Memorial. Just couldn’t seem to get it right.

Finally I got a decent shot and I started walking out of the tunnel-like entrance and I saw them! It took me an instant to recognize them as they appeared too vigilant of their surrounding to be ‘normal people’…

Seizing the opportunity to get a picture with a celebrity (yes, that’s unlike me) as I never had a camera whenever I saw one, I asked, “Excuse me…err”, the lady paused for a split second and the guy pulled her away. Sensing the animosity, I stopped. I had wanted to ask, “Excuse me, are you the Transformer guy, can I take a picture with you?”

Yes! It’s Shia Labeouf and Carey Mulligan. They were holding hands and appeared just like a couple. I guess I might be luckier if I was carry a small point-and-shoot camera instead of hanging a giant DSLR with a humongous zoom lens down my neck. I do look like one of the Paparazzi. I turned around and snapped a few shots but did not follow them into the Memorial.

Apparently, they are in town shooting the Movie, “Wall Street 2, Money Never Sleeps”. It is set to release in April 2010.  And to answer the question, do they look like co-stars hanging out? No, they definitely looked like a couple on a date.

Mira, the unusual and unwilling Paparazzi just taking her morning walk….(Check out what I saw after this.)

Where: Irish Hunger Memorial, Battery Park City, New York City

When: 11:05 am on Oct 23, 2009

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A Step Forward

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Investing Principles and Methods Series (IPMS), October 22, 2009

I want to outline a simple and direct way to figure out the value of the stocks or the company.

Taking into account there are a zillion ways to approach this task, I would much prefer the ‘simple’ method if I have to sacrifice the ‘direct’.  Yet it has to include all of the important elements I consider when I look at a company.

I currently have an approach I think is valuable, one that I have credited to Graham and Dodd.  I want to take this opportunity to simplify my old analytical routine, and add a few details that up to this point, I had every intention to, but for one reason or another, have not.

For the past few weeks, I have been pondering as the market is moving upwards.  While I do not particularly take the market into account during my valuation, the movement as massive as the late market surged is a cause for much consideration.

I don’t know who is reading as our site is still new.  I reckon if there is a reader out there, I owe you the next installment.  There is no way I would know for sure if ‘you’, actually exist. I’m rather lax the past weeks – focusing more of my time on the cosmetic of the site, rather precariously.

With this update behind us – I should have a concrete outline by tomorrow, an installment plan to this series.


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See You Next Year, Fred!

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I love farmers markets.  I love the color and smell of fresh produce! It’s a cool Saturday morning in early fall. We took the free downtown bus to catch the last day of farmers market at South Street Sea Port.

We bought our usual battalion of vegetables and continued to seek out eggless pastries. For some reasons, whenever I asked, “Are your pastries eggless?”, I would always get a shock blank look from the seller, like I just spoke French or something.  Oh well…. we moved on.

And just before we left the market, there he was, Fred!

I caught him resting on the grape tomatoes. He then flew to the next basket, grasping on to the scallions. See you next year, Fred!

Where: Fulton Stall Market, South Street Seaport. Located on South Street, between Fulton and Beekman Streets. Every Saturday in summer to early fall., 10-6pm.

When: Sept 26, 2009.

Click here for a list of other Farmers Market in Manhattan.


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Have Fun Like a Child

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I stayed till the end of the performance when the audience were asked to join professional dancers on the stage.

The kids were the first to go crazy and ran up the stage even before the announcer finished his sentences.

They were so excited, laughed, giggled and had so much fun that I was almost convinced to ditch my camera and join them…I didn’t and I snapped these pictures instead.

But I did leave the park, with lighter footsteps and a big smile on my face…

When was the last time you had fun like a Child?

Where: Battery Park, New York, New York.

When: August 2009, during the grand finale of the 28th Downtown Dance Festival.


Copyrighted 2009 by Farting Camel.

Top Four Secrets to the US$3 Billion Art of Bribery

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Bribery is a common thing.  Just last summer my friend was driving from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.  Perhaps, he was speeding but he claimed that he didn’t. We will never know the truth.  A policeman approached him and started to question him.  He pleaded his innocence before the lawman.  The police officer said, “You can plead your case in front of the judge or you can give me S$100 and we can forget about the whole thing.”

Another friend now living in Laos thinks, “It is easier to get things done when you know you can pay people off.” The concept of bribing someone with influence to get what you want is nothing new. It is common.

Like you, perhaps I prefer to close one eye when it comes to these things, especially if it happens in the underworld.  If it doesn’t happen to me why bother? What disturbs me most is when it is brought to my attention, especially when bribery and corruption happens right in front of me, in broad day light?

“I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all that.”  So you say. In the US, we don’t have bribery.  We have campaign finance contribution or for short ‘finance contribution’.  What is the difference between bribery and finance contribution? In the Webster dictionary a bribe means “1) money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust or 2) something that serves to induce or influence.  In the same dictionary, I can’t seem to find the definition for finance contribution.  I can find the word lobby, it means, “to try to influence (the Government etc).”

How does the lobbyist lobby the government? It might not come as a surprise if I tell you it has to do with money.  Yes, lobbyist, not just tries to but effectively influences government officials with money.  Lots of it!  In fact, I was surprised, to say the least.

My debate in my head continues… I kept thinking about it.  Is it better for bribery to be underground or in plain view?  The S$100 paid to influence the policeman was distasteful; $200 would have been more suitable for the risks.

Where was I? …What risks? I would be uncomfortable making a bribery payoff. If someone else were to do it for me, that would be another story. All I can think about was a scene from some mafia movie where the bad guy passes a bulged envelope to some cop or judge.  The delivery usually is very discrete. If I had to bribe someone I would be very concerned.  I would also pass the envelope discretely. And that is where I; like most bribery amateur would go wrong.  Another thing to consider, what if the person I wanted to bride is not corruptible?  In that case, I would drop and run for the hill because everyone and their mothers would know about my failed attempt and I would be ruined.

Bribery is harder than you think.  For bribery to be popular, it has to be accepted not just by the corrupted officers and their counter parts, it has to be institutionally acceptable to the general public.  Take the case of the cop blackmailing for the S$100, his chance of success would be better if he were to stop someone who actually speeds, unintentionally or not, that is another story.

The guilty driver gets off clean with a minor dent to his wallet and the cop does his job; call it a bonus for his large family with a small take home cop salary; a win win case for everyone. It is easier to overlook this. Now, blackmailing the innocent is plain hard.  You never know, someone might just call the bluff and the cop would soon find himself running for the hill.

The hill I refer to is nothing less than the infamous Capitol Hill.  In Washington D.C. there is a street called K Street.  This is where corporate America sends their elite battalion of lobbyists to bribe government officials, sorry…, to make the ‘finance contribution’.  In 2008 there were a reported 14,802 lobbyists. I’m very impressed by these people, these guys are smart they have figured out these amazing secrets decades before I was informed of it.  Maybe because the money is so staggering that it is hard to believe.  I’m not talking about the S$100, not even US$1,000 or even US$100,000.

You see it all the time on the daily news where some poor out of luck soul tried to rob the bank and succeeded in getting away with US$8,000, and he went in hiding for the rest of his life.  Now this would be the dumb guy, if he was smart he would join the other guys on the hill.  A reported sum of over US$3 billion, from 1998 to 2009, of ‘finance contribution’, was more to me like bribe money, from just 20 companies. You and I know there are thousands and thousands of companies in America.  Just think about it. In fact in just 2008 alone, all the lobbyist spends US$3.3 billion to influence Washington.

Not so long ago the country Iceland needed $5 billion to prevent a national bankruptcy… A National Bankruptcy!  That puts things into perspective.

To succeed in the art of bribery, you have to be good at four things:1) Don’t make it a secret, 2) Call it ‘finance contribution’, 3) Pay someone else to do it for you, like a lobbyist, and 4) Last being the most important, practice only on Capitol Hill, anywhere else it could cost you your life.

Bribe responsibly.

P.S.  Special thanks to opensecrets.org where I have obtained the numbers used in this article.

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Shia_LaBeouf_Carey_Mulligan_holding_hands Shia_LaBeouf_Carey_Mulligan_Memorial_1 Shia_LaBeouf_Carey_Mulligan_Memorial_2 Shia_LaBeouf

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