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Invisalign: You Could Be Missing Your Attachments Without Knowing It!

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Aug 21, 2009 Week 1 Day 5 (Aligner 1)

The first picture which I saw online of a person wearing invisalign aligners have 2 ‘bubbles’ on the upper aligner just like me. I thought that the aligners are supposed to be ‘made with them’, just like the bubble at the bottom of the glasses. However, I kept reading about ‘buttons’ and ‘attachments’ online and realized that these bubbles are supposed to make spaces for attachments to be fixed on my teeth! Did Dr. E forget to fill them in? I was only with her for like a minute when I collected my aligners. Since my appointment with Dr. E is in a week’s time, I decide to ask her face-to-face.

This is me with my first set of aligners, note the ‘bubbles’ on my upper jaw (click to enlarge it). It is from my first post:

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