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Our Secret is 15 Minutes

October 15th, 2009 Posted by Diary 1 comment

Only 15 minutes a Day!

Howard and I have started a new routine, which is working out great for us!

We start our day by cleaning the apartment for 15 minutes. That’s before we do anything.

We live in a small apartment and the place could look messy and cluttered very quickly. Surprisingly, after we started this small routine, nothing major, just 15 minutes of washing, vacuuming, dusting, or whatever we feel like.  The apartment looks really good all the time now!

The cleaning also helps us to be more ‘grounded’ and ‘at the moment’. This is important to us. I actually enjoy and look forward to the 15 minutes of cleaning every morning! Maybe it’s my way of ‘connecting back’ to the surroundings. I spend most of the day in front of the computer screen.

I never enjoyed that ‘2-hour-weekend-overhaul’. It was just too much and I tend to cringe putting away 2 hours every time for apartment cleaning. Now, we just break that down and replace it with 7 sessions of 15 mins.

I guess this theory is the same for almost everything in life. Make a 5-15 minutes phone call to a friend everyday and see how you will never be blamed for not ‘keeping in touch’!

Put aside $15 a day and see how your retirement nest swells up in 30 years!

Put aside 15 minutes a day to exercise and see how much better you feel!

What a simply way to start the day or maybe jumpstart something?

Loving it!


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