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Invisalign: Do You Know You Could Easily Damage Your Aligners?

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Sept 14, 2009 Week 5 Day 1 (Aligner 3)

The 3rd set of aligners is the MOST painful of all so far! I’m suspecting maybe I need the ‘buttons’ earlier…. It felt like someone just used a baseball bat to knock on my entire row of front teeth! I’m just going to bear with it. I insist that I’m not taking any painkillers!

It hurts the most when I took the aligners out for meals. I almost felt like just skipping the meals. The pain was much more tolerable just after half a day! Maybe I’m used to it, or the teeth actually moved or the ‘aligner’ actually ‘stretched out’.  Either way, I’m glad!

I have been more mindful of not rinsing them with warm water, which I use to brush my teeth. I read on the Internet that it might ‘change’ the shape of the aligner! I just thought, I should have been told, by the dentist in the beginning, of what to do and what not to do. The only ‘advice’ that she gave, believe it or not, was that, ‘the bigger aligner is for your upper jaw, the small one is for your lower jaw… see the teeth size….’ She is a sweet lady but I just thought that maybe more advice could help, or at least pass me some written literature on the box.

Tips #7: No hot or warm water when you are rinsing or brushing your aligners. And only drink water that is cold or at room temperature.

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