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Invisalign: Don’t Make This Expensive Mistake!

September 30th, 2009 Posted by Beauty No Comment yet

Sept 23, 2009 Week 6 Day 3 (Aligner 3)

I’m getting the hang of wearing the aligners. I just need to remind myself to take the box so I have something to store my aligners when I leave the apartment! I would just wrap the aligners up in some tissue if I forgot my box.  The other day when I was at my friend’s house, I actually threw away my aligners with the rest of the tissues on the dinning table. Luckily I remembered afterwards and managed to find my aligners in the garbage container! Close one!

Tips #8: Put your aligners back to the ‘invisalign box’ when you take them out, be very vigilant if you wrap them up with tissues!

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