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Invisalign: The Attachments and How to Avoid the Frustration? (Picture)

October 9th, 2009 Posted by Beauty 1 comment

Sept 29, 2009 Week 7 Day 1 (Aligner 4)

Not liking the Process

Yoohoo, I will be starting my 4th aligners today and I am hoping to watch my ‘invisalign video’ finally! I want to peep at the end of the tunnel!

I arrived at the dentist office on time and ended up waiting for 25 mins. I was the first patient and the reason why I was waiting is because Dr. E was on the phone with Invisalign. Well, not for my case but for another patient. (What’s going on?)

Finally, Dr. E asked her grumpy assistant to pass me my invisalign box. I opened it and found the complete instructions for invisalign. Gees, Dr. E should have passed them to me in the beginning! Also, I saw a printout of my upper and lower jaws. It indicates where spaces need to be created between the teeth before the start of certain aligners, eg, ‘0.3mm before aligner 1, 0.3 mm before aligner 2, etc). I though to myself, “Is Dr. E for real? I’m already on my aligner 4 today and I didn’t have any spaces created!”

Dr E., who was still on the phone,asked her assistant to put on the new aligners. I have now waited for 45 mins. I told the assistant that I could do it myself. Why didn’t she just tell me earlier? Dr. E then asked the assistant to ask me how was it. I said, “It fits but very tight.” The assistant replied to Dr. E, “She said fits but very tight.”

Completely useless and silly communication process! I stepped out, to where the reception was, where Dr. E was still on the phone, so that I can speak to her directly. I asked her about my attachments, as I don’t have them yet and I only have 5 more aligners to go for my upper jaw, and that’s only another 2 ½ months! She replied, “Oh, you lost your attachments?” It seems like she was ready to send me off if I didn’t mentioned them.

I was shocked!! Does this mean that she didn’t know that I didn’t have any attachments in the first place? Is this a joke! I told her that I didn’t have any attachments yet and I told her that I reminded her one month ago. She sent me back to the dentist chair.

She attempted to put the attachments for me. ‘Attempted’ because she seemed to have a lot of trouble doing it. After several tries, she finally put two attachments on my upper jaw after 25 mins! And I forgot to mention that the procedures that she did seemed to be different from what I read online and from the directions sheets in my aligner box. She put the attachments first by estimating where they would be before I wore back my aligners. I guessed at this moment, I just hope that she knew better.

I asked her why was the attachment done now and not earlier. She said, “Oh yours is a different case, I was on the phone with Invisalign earlier. I didn’t want to aggravate your teeth as they were injured.” I really hoped that she is not lying. I don’t want to know that my invisalign process failed because the attachments were put on too late.

The attachments or buttons look like ‘rice grains’ that are stuck to your teeth. Mine was a few tones lighter than my teeth, so you can definitely see them. It actually do feel like you have some rice grains stuck on your teeth but I got used to in just a few days. Luckily, I only have 2 attachments in total.

See the picture the attachment or ‘button’:

I asked Dr. E about the ‘video’ which she promised to show. She said, “Oh, you were supposed to watch it earlier, now that it’s over, you don’t have to watch it. It’s ok.” I’m getting frustrated.

She went on to say that she has problems with the invisalign company and ‘my first set of aligners’ they sent was rejected by her as she didn’t like how they looked. Wait a minute, she told me a few months ago in July that the mould was not properly taken and the computer at invisalign rejected my mould. She was either lying that time or now.

I’m now in Dr. E office for more than an hour and running late for my next appointment. I didn’t want to create a fuss at this time. Before I left, I asked her for another invisalign container as I read in the box that I was supposed to have two of them. She said, ‘Oh, you don’t want to do that, you will be mixed up’. I insisted and I was given a generic box.

I need to sit down with her on my next visit and let her know my concerns. And yes, before I walked out, I reminded her that they have not given my 5th aligners yet.

I do not like the process.

Tips #9: Asked the dentist to go through all the items with you in your ‘Invisalign box’. Make sure you ask all your questions on instructions, attachments, and/or the entire process before you order them.

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