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Invisalign: Avoid This Simple Mistake and Keep Your Teeth White!

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Aug 18, 2009 Week 1 day 2 (Aligner 1)

My two front teeth were very sore on the 2nd day. (My front teeth jut out at an angle, which my husband jokes that it is the perfect slide for the ‘bacteria’ in my mouth!). One of them REALLY hurts when I ‘pulled out’ the aligners.

Whenever I take out my aligners for meals, I tried to ‘fill myself up’ as much as possible! Might as well! I know that some people eat less and snack less during their invisalign treatment. I don’t usually snack much but I find myself trying to eat more at one go whenever I don’t have my aligners. So maybe, it’s a ‘weight gain’ plan for me!

Earlier, I almost drank my tea with my aligners! Luckily I remembered and took them out. I read that I can only drink water (at room temperature or colder) when I am wearing the aligners.

Tips #2: Drink ONLY water when you are wearing your aligners. Having soda, tea, or coffee? Please take them out before drinking. They will stain your teeth and might even promote cavity.

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