Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation Review – Week Three

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In our rediscovery series on health, we examine the benefits of Peter Kelder’s Five Tibetan Rites.  As we document our experience and progress, we hope you could observe and benefit from our experiment and review of the five Tibetan Rites. Or maybe learn from our mistakes and hopefully look forward to the results, if we do see them in us!

Day 15


I can’t believe it we have reached the start of week three.  I still maintained 10 repetitions on the 5 Rites.  After one day off it was apparent to me I’ve done the 10 repetitions of the 5 Rites with much strain.  It seem very difficult to finish; as if my body is resisting.  I pushed on and soon was able to finish but I felt tired, physically and somewhat mentally.


With one day of rest, we are back to the 5 Rites! Currently it took us less than 10 mins to go through 10 repetitions of the 5 Rites, I guess at the end of our experiment, it will take us about 20 mins to complete the ‘recommended’ 21 repetitions. Not bad a commitment for all the health benefits we are expecting to reap! Surprisingly, I felt a bit of strain doing Rite 2, particularly in the abs. I felt weaker and I ‘cheated’ a bit by bending my legs by a small degree when I raised them up. Is it because of the one day rest?

Despite the slight weakness experienced today, it is ‘so far so good’ on our experiment. Jotting down my general observations in the beginning of Week 3:

  • Increased Energy (we only slept 5 hours on the average the past week and we felt ok.)
  • Improved Stamina (notice it when I was climbing the stairs in the subway.)
  • Increased Strength (for me, it was the arms.)
  • Increased Flexibility (particularly at the lower back)
  • Side note: Appearance (Friends commented that we look ‘fresh’! Coincidence)

Day 16


I had to increased my repetitions to 12.  I regretted the impulse because halfway through doing the 5 Rites I was struggling; my forms were off and I didn’t care.  My goal was to reach my target of doing the 12 repetitions and my argument was that I can always work on the form once I have achieved my target of 21 repetitions at the end of 10 weeks.  Lets hope that my bad form will be curable.


12 reps! Not as bad as I though. I tied to keep my legs as straight as possible in Rite 2. Definitely feeling it in my lower abs. I know that the book mentioned that this is not a physical exercise and we should not feel any strain. Maybe, after practising it for years! Not struggling with the rest of the Rites. Suggested to Howard that we should keep 12 repetitions for the week to build up our strength.

Day 17


I kept my repetitions at 12.  The difficulties lingered.  I took a walk around a park and felt my burdened feet were heavy like weights.  I felt okay but sore internally; as if there is such a thing.


Executed Rite 3 with lots of vigor today. I noticed that I could bend backwards much deeper with stronger control. I notice some ‘cracking sounds’ today from my back. Nothing to be alarmed I think. It just felt that I ‘realigned’ my spine. I also like the sensation of stretching my toes in this Rite, feel so good, especially if you do a lot of walking like me.

It is good that we decided to stay at 12 repetition for the whole week, allowing me to ‘fine tune’ my Rites.

Day 18

Howard and Mira missed their practice due to busy schedule.

Day 19


It was very difficult to get back to the 5 Rites.  However dire my schedule I must persevere, all along thinking to myself; you lazy #4#@!. Alright it wasn’t that bad.  I still find the second Rite to be the most difficult – cause I have a big belly.  I was so tired by the end that I took a short rest by lying flat on the floor with my face to one side, unknown to me; what an incredible resting experience; ever.  I make it a point to rest in between the Rites.  In the evening, I felt extremely tired and my body was unusually hot (temperature).


Again, just like last week, it was more strenuous to do Rite 2 properly. Felt that the abs were much weaker with just one day break. I wondered why. I also noticed that the body really heats up during Rite 4 and 5. Same repeated comment: I can feel that I’m getting stronger!!

Day 20


I struggled and my motivation seems to be fading, fast.  However, I will finish the 10 weeks as promised.  Seem to be struck at doing 12 repetitions – difficult to pass this ceiling.

Day 21


At the end of the third week I found myself extremely tired.  Our friend explained that we were not following the instructions.  The correct repetition starts with 3 and this number should be increasing by 2 every week.  Had we followed the instructions carefully we would have ended this week doing just 7 repetitions.  Instead, we have been doing 12 repetitions for the past few days now.  My logic and reasoning tells me to push the envelope because I’m still young; I saw people a lot older on the internet doing the Rites – back to the book.

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Puja says:

You should not miss a day. Doing just 3 of each rite, which takes only about two mins, is much better than not doing any at all.

Howard H says:

Thank you Puja. Agreed,I will follow this advice.

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