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Bed Bugs Infestation in NYC: Are You at Risk?

October 1st, 2009 Posted by Real Estate No Comment yet

Do you remember seeing the bed bugs advertisement on the subway with the close up pictures of the nasty crawlies? I always thought that bed bug infestation was a ‘developing country’ issue, and the advertisement was just targeting a niche and paranoid market.

Little did I know that we actually have a bed bug epidemic right here in New York City! What is this? Should bugs fighting be another item on my daily household chores?

Check out which borough is the most infested here. (Phew, luckily I live in a ‘least buggy neigborhoods’). However, do note the flaw in the study as they quote absolute numbers and not percentage, which can make the bug problems in densely populated boroughs look worse that it is.

And if you are one of the many New Yorkers who put the bulk of your world possessions or winter wardrobe or baby stuff in storage (third party or your building), you got to read this. They are everywhere! Learn how to protect your stuff.

Bugs, please be gone! Move to the next state.

(Bed bug picture by unknown, this is the only picture on Farting Camel not taken by Mira.)

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