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Happy Wind By The Hudson

October 13th, 2009 Posted by General No Comment yet

The moisture in the air was heavy this morning. The sun was trying hard to break through. Maybe, the cloud seemed formidable.  I got out of the apartment and made my way across the busy West Street.  I can see the commuters heading to work.

I live in a small island city called Manhattan – the southern-most end. Today is like most days, except that I’m out of the apartment.  If you know me, you would realize that is a rare event.  I always tell myself I need to be more active.

Walking west towards Battery Park, I hastened my pace. Most people living on this island seldom ever venture down to this part of town.  I find it hard to believe.  The wind is amazing here.  It has a special kind of charm about it, the kind that made you feel good inside.

I think the wind here is the happy wind; it dances around from building to building.  You see the trees and branches dance about with joy whenever the wind greets them. It is easy for a smile to break through my usually expressionless face. It comes from nowhere.  I’m sure of that.

I came across a modern luxury structure which houses today’s top business minds.  The buildings are menacing at the least.  I never really felt at home in one of these places, with their marble floors and huge interior dome.  I can walk about as it is open to the general public.  It is indeed beautiful but perhaps a bit on the egotistical side.  It makes you wonder who actually built these things.

As I continued north, walking along the Hudson River, there were constructions going on.  I noticed a sign, the Hudson River Tennis.  I can’t believe my eyes, perhaps there will be more tennis courts closer to my apartment.

As I continued walking, I was thinking about what I wanted to do with this website.  Mira and I always talk a great deal about money and for as long as I can remember money has always been on my mind.  Perhaps it was due to my background, perhaps it was my disposition, whatever the reasons.  I knew I had something to share with you.

This could be an outlet for me perhaps to connect to humanity.  So what is it that I can offer?  Maybe a perspective or an open window into my world and how I view money, time, and spirituality.  And in the midst of all, this thing we called living.

I cherish the interaction I have with you, most likely you are our friends or family, who I would remember most, and everything else that is material is just that. Relationship gives best a fleeting joy, beautiful for now but perhaps it will be like everything before – just faded memories. Wherever I was fortunate to find myself, I always remember the people, seldom the things of this world.

From time to time, I will post different topics of my interest.  However, I welcome you to extend your hands to us as this community takes shape, as it surely will.  You can email us your questions and if it is important to you we will give you our perspective and share with you our experiences.

For now, I’ve made it to the tennis courts and my friend is waiting for me that could only mean one thing.  I’m late.  I love free tennis court – a rare find on this island.  When you are unemployed like me, I have lots of time but not a lot of money.  One last thing, as I look at the court overlooking the beautiful yet active waters of the Hudson River, there is something lively about it that I cannot explain.  Well off I go and I hope you will visit us again.


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Farting Camel is now on Twitter!

August 25th, 2009 Posted by Diary No Comment yet

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