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America’s Stolen Elections

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When I was a soldier serving with the US Marine Corps as a reservist, I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  I was young then and I needed money for college. At that time serving my adopted country seemed to be the right thing to do.  While my older kin were bitterly opposed to war, I didn’t connect the dots that being a soldier meant having a possibility of one tragic day I would be called to choose between being killed, or worst still, having to take a life.  I was fortunate that (more…)

Could Health Care Be The Turning Point In US History?

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Have you ever asked, “What happened to the great empires of the past?” Take for example the empires built by Alexandra the Great, the great Mongols, the Romans, or the Ottoman Empire built by the Turks? Why do I cite these historical empires? Perhaps we can learn something from history. What you and I can clearly assume is that it does not really matter about their differences, what matter most is their similarity – they all met the same faith. In the end, all are now reduced to a small state, reclaiming their rightful place in the world.

If we can go back in time it would not be difficult to assume people in power and with means would not want to change at the height of the empire prosperity. Why change if they have something good going for themselves? It is said that people are motivated more from their fear of loss more than from their prospect of gain. You can read more about it in an article posted at It boils down to a battle of the “haves” and “have not” and its’ relevance, as it seem, could to be at the cornerstone of our health care debate. The most logical outcome has always and sadly been so – an impending revolution.

Today, in America there is a call to arms, not with knifes, swords, or guns but with words, as you can easily see from the press coverage of town hall meetings across the country. At the center to all that is right or wrong has to do with the differences between those who “have” and those who “have not”. It is a struggled that most “haves” would not be able to understand. Have you ever heard of someone talking and they are telling you they understand you but deep down everything they say tells you how ignorant they are of your cause. You know they only understand their own views. Perhaps, their fear of loss is far more important than the gain from a “what if scenario.” or the unknowns?

If both sides can’t come to a mutual agreement, ultimately, the call of change will have to deal the outcome and death is certain of the old ways. America is a great empire born from blood, innovation, and greed. This land is home of the bold and the free. What makes it amazing is not the land but the people with innovation, from the concept that we the people can govern ourselves to the adoption of capitalist. This is a place where if you thirst for a better life in every aspect you would sacrifice all so that your children can have the American experience. This is the greed of a better life. It is nothing more noble then that. You find greed nowhere more abundant in quality and quantity then America. Perhaps, greed in this context, i.e., greed for someone else’s gain is a good thing and it is what I’m writing about here. Not the greed that corrupts our souls and drags us down to a level unfit for even animals without a conscience.

Free Market, is great but let us not get stuck in the idea of the past. Let us innovate. Today you and I hear all too clear how the dome of health care as we know it if somehow we allow the government to compete with the private sector. I am ashamed to say I have a soft spot for the Republican Party. It is the great party of Reagan now reduced to domes-day fortune cookies; foretelling the end of the economic and health world. Where is it written that an entrance of a large competitor like a government run company would foretell the death of the system? You have to understand this is a global economy now. Gone are the days of yesteryear. Free Market means competition more so now than before. What it is not is the banishment of competition. Banishment of the government involvement in the Free Market is included.

The public option in healthcare is a must and its’ day has come. Let there be no doubt about this. If you are worried about the end of the healthcare world, you can look only to the USPS and the competitive global mail and package industry. I heard the congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. and the wife of the presidential candidate John Edwards, Elisabeth Edwards referred to this example. How right are they in putting a finger to these similarities? Today USPS is more efficient and more innovative. I would argue that competition did a world of good.

Some of you might not agree than I ask you to take a look at the sovereign enterprises of the Asian Tigers or China in the business world. You will slowly understand Free Market means that anyone can compete, not excluding companies own and run by a sovereign nation. Today with our technology we should not be afraid of competition. I heard of a story about a three men business team armed with innovation were able to put together a company that successfully took on the large corporations. If you haven’t you can Google a project that took the project management industry by storm – they called the project, ‘Basecamp’

Furthermore, you and I should not lose any sleep over competitive nature of greedy men or women who runs the insurance business. Take my idol; the world most successful investor; Warren Buffett. He is without say one of the greediest person in the world (the good greed – gave billions away). He controls a good part of the nations’ insurance business, of one kind or another. Why are you up worrying about him competing with the US government?

Contrary you should worry that our government is not competing and abandoning the Free Market. Today, sovereign enterprises of the Asian Tigers and China roam unchallenged. Today the economy as the world you know it is global and not just the good old USA. Why are we are not competing? Perhaps it is because we believe in the idea that government should not compete with it citizen? And this has served us well in the past. What has worked for ancient Rome or ancient Mongols now has vanished. Perhaps, our concept of Free Market, in particularly the idea of competition from the government have vanished and while we hold dear to the past. Will we share the faith of the past empires?

In summary if you are those who have everything going well for you with the current health care system please be flexible and try to see it from the perspective of your countrymen who does not have access to health care. History always teaches us that change will come and history has often been repeated, especially to a nation of innovators. It is useless to deny others access to health care. Although your fear of loss now motivates you more than our fear of gain, ultimately the hungriest among us will almost always fight the hardest. And in our modern day version the fight is with words. Those without health care will make this a revolution of our time. You should join the revolution and not create obstacles by putting up scare tactics or adopting a stale idea of the past Free Market. Why, because you want to have a place in the new system. Competition is good – fight for that and not some version of a Free Market you and I hold to be truth in the past, failure to understand and compete and we as Americans will need to worry more than just health care.

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