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My Invisalign Journey Starts…(Picture)

August 26th, 2009 Posted by Beauty No Comment yet

Aug 17, 2009 Week 1 Day 1 (Aligner 1)

It’s very light, very clear. I was excited to see my invisalign aligners lying in the dentist office. I was supposed to pick them up two weeks ago but I was travelling and can only pick them up today. I hope that my teeth haven’t moved much to render the new aligners useless!!

I grind my teeth at night and was given a mouth guard to wear before I sleep. Somehow, I’m quite diligent to wear it at home but am hopeless when I’m travelling. I had probably worn the night guard three times in the entire month!

“Are you ready?” Dr. E shoved the first lower set into my mouth. OH MY GOD, it was tight! The upper set was worse. I felt an instant pain on my two front teeth, almost like someone just boxed me on my mouth. “Your teeth have shifted.” Dr. E said, “That makes it tighter.”

Tips #1: After you make the mould for invisalign, pick the aligners as soon as you can. And if you were wearing night guard, WEAR THEM diligently!

Bearable…. it’s bearable… I consoled myself. That is it; I only stayed like a minute with the dentist. I was set off to come back in two weeks, which she told me she would spend twenty minutes with me.

Oh well, I’m so eager to share my invislign experience that I forgot to tell you why I’m wearing them in the first place. I used to have almost perfect teeth, those kind that remind you of the ‘fake teeth set’ in the dentist office.

Then last year, I have a car accident that smashed my lower jaw. I bled a lot and got nine stitches on my lips and chin. By the way, the stitching on the lips was unbelievably painful and they swelled to at least threes times its normal size. I called them my upsize jolie-lips. The impact really messed up my teeth. They became loose and I waited for a year before I embarked on my invisalign project.

This is the picture I took with my first aligners. The picture looks like it is out of focus, but it is due to the plastic aligners. Look carefully.

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