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My Invisalign Journey Starts Again, for the Second Time!

February 26th, 2012 Posted by Beauty, Featured No Comment yet

My journey in invisalign stopped for a year and I’m embarking on it again. Yes, my SECOND attempt in invisalign, in three years!

Previously, I started invisalign on Sept 2008 and stopped around July 2010, 22 months later.

My last dentist was Dr. Ellis at Central Park Spa in New York City. The insurance company did not pay her when she submitted the claim forms late. She held my aligners hostage and I stopped my treatment with a few months away from the final aligner.

I wore my last aligners for months, read again, the same aligners for a few months before I lost them. (For those who have experience in invisalign knew that that is pretty disgusting.) How did I lose them, that’s another story, which I would like to share the blame with Dr. Ellis. To cut it short, Dr. Ellis did not give me a plastic holder and I eventually lost the aligners when I wrapped them up in tissue. As I have predicted in one of my previous posts. If you are interested on how I get started in invisalign, you could follow my first journey here.

I have three choices:

1. Forget about fixing my teeth. Let them be it and accept that they could be in better shape and I did not fix them.

2. Fix my teeth with traditional braces and save some money.

3. Restart my journey in invisalign.

I decided to choose between 2 or 3, leaning towards 3.

Having learnt my lessons from dealing with the previous dentist, I decided to be really careful in choosing a new invisalign dentist. That was back in New York, since then, I have moved to Singapore.

What have I learnt?

1. Work with an orthodontist (versus a dentist, note that Dr Ellis is a dentist.) if possible, unless you are talking to a very experienced dentist offering a deal-not-to-be-refused.

2. Pick an invisalign provider who have been given:

Platinum Elite Provider (at least 80 cases within 12 months) or

Platinum Provider (at least 40 cases within 12 months).

3. Interview a few providers and ask them about their specific experience in invisalign (versus their partners’ or their clinic’s experience).

So now, the self-professed-fussy-and-experienced-invisalign user is on her search for a new orthodontist/dentist in Singapore. Here we go, again…


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Invisalign Review and Pictures Update!

October 14th, 2009 Posted by Beauty, Featured 1 comment

Oct 14, 2009 Week 9 Day 2 (Aligner 5)

Upper: 5th out of 9 aligners

Lower: 5th out of 16 aligners

Problem Teeth Update (Crooked Teeth)

I’m half way there for my upper jaw. I definitely can see that the two upper  front teeth are more ‘lined up’. I do have a slight overbite and I can only see slight improvement.  However, I could see distinct results on my two lower front teeth. They are being ‘pushed out more. (See pictures below).

I have to confess that when I saw the final and 9th aligners for the upper jaw at the dentist, I was mildly disappointed as I thought that the overbite would be corrected more than what I imagine it to be. I hope to be wrong. At this point, we can only hope for the best!

(If you have a serious over bite problem, I suggest that you research more and talk to a few dentists or orthodontists about your issue, or you can check back on my result in two months’ time)

I started to receive comments from friends who didn’t even know that I was wearing Invisalign. Compliments like, my chin ‘seems narrower’ and my teeth ‘look straighter’. All good stuff!

Funny thing is that the ‘improvements’ I saw are not that obvious on the pictures. Can you see the difference though?

When I first started on Aug 18, 2009, with aligners.

Picture update on Oct 13, 09, one month later, with aligners.

Other Teeth Update

On the flip side, I have noticed that my other teeth, which I thought were pretty straight to start with, have started to look ‘unruly’. They seemed to have ‘shifted’ to make space for the problem teeth.

I guess it makes sense that my teeth will look worse before they look better!

If you can notice from the pictures, the ‘spaces’ between my teeth is more noticeable now (the gap that is nearest to the gum). It seems almost like I have some food stuck between my teeth!

It is easier to floss now compared to when I wore my first two aligners. During that time, I felt that the teeth were being ‘squeezed together’ and they were ‘too tight and sore’ to floss.

Picture Update on Oct 13, 2009 without aligners


I found out that the ‘Invisalign video’ is called ‘Clincheck’. I will definitely asked Dr. E again it. I will insist this time.

Attachments Update

Since I had the attachments two weeks ago (the start of my 4th aligner/ tray), I am slowly getting used to them. Luckily I have only two attachments. They made it really difficult to wear AND pull out the aligners. I have a little trick of putting the front teeth part first and then bite the molars together to ‘click’ it into the correct position.

I actually don’t see how these attachments help the aligners to ‘grip’ better, unless they have been precisely put on which is not in my case. Read my previous post on how Dr. E put the attachments on my teeth, ‘The Attachments and How to Avoid the Frustration!’.

I noticed that one of my attachments is ‘rectangular’ and the other one is more like ‘triangular’, which Dr. E used sort of a ‘drill’ to sand off part of the attachment. I also noticed that part of my teeth seemed rough. I hope that she didn’t drill part of my teeth or enamel off! Dr. E!!


I have mentioned earlier about cleaning the aligners in my earlier post on “How to Clean Invisalign Aligners?” Since my last visit to the dentist hygiene last week, I’m much more diligent now!

I knew that some Invisalign users clean their teeth at the dentist 4 times a year. I’m not sure that is necessary. But having these aligners definitely make you over-scrutinized your teeth like never before!

I brush and flush at least 3 times a day (Instead of 2 when I first started). As I’m too lazy to brush more than that, I just have to limit or eliminate my snack! Now, I simply cannot put my aligners back without brushing my teeth!

If you are reading this and have any questions on my review or pictures, please comment below.

Til the next update, good luck to your Invisalign Journey (or Research)!

Tips #10: Brush and floss more than you want to! (Every time you take off your aligners, if circumstance doesn’t allow, try rinsing with water at the very least!) This tip will override Tips #6. Guys, we are stricter now!)


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