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Faking it in New York City

October 9th, 2009 Posted by Photo Journey No Comment yet

I was walking around in South Street Seaport with my friend Daphne trying to get a good night scene picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. We turned around, saw the beach and though that it will be good spot to test out her new Nikon D5000 camera. We just snapped away. I simply just love this picture with the lights, the Brooklyn Bridge and the ‘relaxing mood’ that was captured. Skyscraper, Sand, City!

Manhattanites live on an island. We are surrounded by water but there is no one beach insight.  Someone came up with this great idea to have an artificial beach in New York City in 2005, similar to the ‘Paris Beach’ along River Seine.

The first water taxi beach in NYC started in Queens, then South Street Seaport and the most recent one opened in Governor’s Island on July 2009.  (Their office website is here.)

I think this is amazing idea (though faking it)! After hours walking on hard cement, my soles (or soul?) love the feeling of having sand beneath it, the next best thing to walking on a real beach!

Location: Water Taxi Beach, South Street Seaport, New York, New York

When: Summer 2009

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Tunnel to Tower Run 2009

October 9th, 2009 Posted by Photo Journey No Comment yet

It was about 9 am on Sunday morning.  We heard the sound of Scottish pipes coming from the Battery Tunnel. We peeped our heads out of the window and saw hundreds of people holding flags, lining neatly along the entrance of the tunnel.

Each person in the line had a cloth picture hanging from the neck. We watched closer and realized they were all firemen in uniforms. We knew that the run was 9/11 related but did not know the story behind the run until we read more about it on the Internet.

This event is called the ‘Tunnel to Tower Run’. It is to honor all Firefighters, Police and EMS workers who performed their duty on 9/11, especially a Firefighter hero Stephen Siller. He was off-duty that day and on his way to play goft. When he received news that the World Trade Center had been hit, he drove towards the site immediately. His car was stopped in Brooklyn, just before the Battery Tunnel. He raced on foot towards the site with 80 pounds of gear strapped to his back. He perished that day. The Run retraces his footsteps on that fateful day.

The event is organized 100% by volunteers. Learn more about Stephen and the run at the ‘Tunnel to Tower Run’ website.


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